Web Games - Sweepminer

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Sweepminer is a game based on the popular Minesweeper game, but with a couple of gameplay changes to make the game easier to win.


Left click
  • Open a covered tile.
  • (On a numbered tile) Open all surrounding tiles, provided the correct number of flags are placed
Right click
  • Place a flag on a covered tile.

How to play

You start with a board of tiles, where most of the tiles are covered. There are mines scattered within the covered tiles, and your goal is to open all of the tiles that don't have mines. Uncovering a mine ends the game in a loss.

A number on a tile represents the number of mines touching that tile. You can right-click to place a flag on a tile you think contains a mine. You do not need to place flags on all the mine tiles to win, simply uncovering all of the non-mine tiles is enough.

If a numbered tile has the corresponding number of flags touching it, you can click on it to open all of the surrounding tiles, but be careful because this can uncover a mine if the flags are incorrectly placed.

Differences from Minesweeper

Bombs are not placed in the outer-most edges of the board, allowing these tiles to start as opened tiles. This significantly reduces the amount of guessing needed to solve a board.