Web Games - Crapshoot (Concept Demo)

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Crapshoot is a real-time puzzle game where you get points by clearing stacks of like-colored tiles in a continuous chain.
Note: This is just a concept demo. There's no way to win or lose.


  • Move the ship.
  • Advance the tiles faster.
  • Shoot a beam.

How to play

You control a ship that can shoot a colored beam. When the beam strikes a tile of the same color, the tile is cleared and you're awarded points. The beam keeps going until it strikes a tile of a different color, or goes off screen.

When the beam strikes a differently-colored tile, the tile and the ship swap colors. You can use this to your advantage by swapping tiles around to set up combos.

Your ship's beam color is indicated by the color of its engine flames, and the color of the guide dots. Your ship starts as blue at the beginning of each game.

This is just a concept demo, there is no way to win or lose.


The first tile your beam clears awards you 10 points, and each successive tile cleared by the same beam gives you double the previous tile's value, so for example, a stack of 4 same-colored tiles clears for 10+20+40+80=150 points.

Whenever you clear 2 or more tiles at a time, your score mulitplier increases by 1. If you only clear a single tile, your score multiplier returns to 1x.