Products - DNSF
DNSF is a music engine for the NES. The goal of DNSF is to provide an efficient and effective music engine for use in the homebrew community.

DNSF1 was a proof of concept for a clean, easy to use music engine, targeted towards games. That is, it's intended to run alongside other code, without using a significant amount of resources. However, as it gained more and more features, the code got more and more "hackish" and inefficient, due to a lack of proper structure. DNSF2 aims to rectify this issue by offering a complete code rewrite and various other improvements. DNSF1, which has been retired, was used in the following noteworthy projects:
  • Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (Sivak Games)
  • Mystic Pillars (Sivak Games)

DNSF2, which is currently in closed beta, is a complete rewrite of DNSF1, with the aim of optimizing the code, and significantly improving the coding structure. This means that it runs faster, and the code doesn't make me want to pull my hair out. ;) In addition, music data for DNSF2 is designed to be significantly more compact by removing redundant data. Once complete, DNSF2 will be released and open for public use in NES homebrew (under the terms of a license of course, but don't worry, it isn't an evil one).
The closed beta version of DNSF2 is used in the following noteworthy projects:
  • Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment (Sivak Games)

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